Misty Morrison

Curriculum Vitae


2015              Masters of Fine Art


                      Ohio University, Athens Ohio


2007             Bachelors of Fine Art


                      Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts,

                      Old Lyme Connecticut

2003             Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art,

                      Philadelphia Pennsylvania


Solo Exhibitions

2018                  The Family System

                           UnSmoke Systems,

                           Braddock PA


2017                   Oblivion

                           Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, 

                           Pittsburgh PA


2015                  If you see something…

                          Majestic Galleries,

                          Nelsonville OH


2012                  Gray Area

                           Lighthouse Gallery,

                           Groton CT


2009-2012         Current Work

                            La Belle Aurore,

                            Niantic CT


2008                  Emerging Artist

                            Takeout Gallery,

                            New London CT


2007                   Self-Portrait

                            Lyme Academy of Fine Arts,

                            Old Lyme CT


Solo Work in Progress

2018-19         The Good Community

2019-20        Diptych (from The Family System and The Good Community)


Artist Talks

2017         Invited Artist Talk, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, Ohio

2017         Invited visiting artist (4 day workshop, artist talk, and printed edition), Ohio

                 University, Athens OH

2017         Artist talk (interview by Joey Behrens about Oblivion), Pittsburgh Center for the

                 Arts, Pittsburgh PA

2017         Invited Artist Panelist, Metamorphosis: Alumni with a Master’s of Fine Arts

                 Degree, Lyme Academy, College of Fine Arts, Old Lyme, CT

2013         Litho Ladies, a demonstration and presentation of lithography printing and

                 procedures with fellow MFA Candidate Sarah Dahlinger, Kennedy Museum of Art, Athens, OH

2012         First Year Graduate Presentations, Mitchell Auditorium, Ohio University School

                 of Art + Design, Athens OH


Community/Collaborative Projects

2018         A Short History of Male Pattern Baldness: Southern Graphics Council

International Official Exchange Portfolio, Conference 2018, Las Vegas, NV

2017         Alumni Inkahoots: Alumni Artist’s Printing Editions with Students,

Invited alumni artist workshop, artist talk, and printed lithographic

edition with students and faculty at Ohio University, Athens, OH

2016         Nexus, Mid-America Print Council Conference 2016 Official Invitational Portfolio, Indiana University Southeast, Louisville, KY

(see featured print for the  exchange portfolio http://www.mapc2016.org/exchangePortfolios.html )

2014         Inspired by Mary (Manusos): Ohio University 2014 Alumni Printmaking

Exchange Portfolio, U245 Gallery, College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI

2014         A Collaborative Book Project, a presentation, workshop, and collaborative

project with residents of My Sister’s Place, Athens, OH

2014         Flying Portfolio: Printed Kites, official Southern Graphics Council International

public demonstration with students and faculty from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Musashino Art University in Tokyo, Japan and the University of Alberta, Edmonton. SGCI Conference 2014, San Francisco, CA

2013         Assisted with Print Circus, Mom’s Weekend Ohio University, Athens, OH

2013         Three Bridges Project, SGCI Conference 2013, Milwaukee, WI


Selected Group Exhibitions

2018           A Short History of Male Pattern Baldness

                   SGCI Conference 2018,

                   Las Vegas, NV

2018            Lyme Juried Alumni Exhibition

                    Lyme Academy, College of Fine Arts

                    Old Lyme, CT

2017           Nexus: Printmaking as an Extension of Drawing

                   Fifth Street Gallery, Stivers School for the Arts,

                   Dayton, OH

2017           Nexus: Drawing in Printmaking

                   James S. Murray Gallery,

                   Lincoln Land Community College,

                   Springfield, IL

2017            Metamorphosis

                    Lyme Academy, College of Fine Arts

                    Old Lyme, CT

2016            Nexus

                    Mid-America Printmaking Council Invitational Printmaking Portfolio, 

                    Louisville KY

2015            2nd

                     Kennedy Museum of Art,

                     Athens OH

2014             Inspired by Mary: Ohio University

                     2014 Alumni Printmaking Exchange Portfolio,

                     The Ink Shop Printmaking Center,

                     Ithaca NY

2014            Works from the Majestic

                     Shawnee State University

                     Appleton Gallery,

                     Portsmouth, OH

2014            Long Story Short

                     Ohio University Gallery,

                      Athens OH

2013            Maps, Strings with Pins

                     Trisolini Gallery,

                     Athens OH

2013             You’re Not From Around Here

                      Majestic Galleries, Nelsonville, OH

2013             Gazers

                     Seton Art Gallery,

                      Univ. of New Haven, CT

2012             New Haven Open Studios,

                     West Cove Gallery, West Haven CT

2011             Prints for Peace

                     Missing Peace Art Space, 

                     Dayton OH

2011              8th Biennial Juried International Miniature Printmaking Exhibition

                      Center for Contemporary

                       Printmaking, Norwalk CT

2010              Manipulating Pigments: Relief and Intaglio

                      La Grua Center, Stonington CT

2010              Red Alert

                       Sumner McKnight Crosby

                       Jr. Gallery, New Haven CT


Permanent Collections

Southern Graphics Council International Archive, Conference 2018, Las Vegas, Nevada

University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada

Zuckerman Museum of Art, Kennesaw, Georgia

Wayne State University, College for Creative Studies, Detroit, Michigan

Ohio University, Alden Library, Athens, Ohio


Press, Print, & Public Discourse

Reviewed in Bill O'Driscoll, "Nine solo and collaborative exhibitions at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts explore memory and more: Subjects range from memory of place to emotional trauma", Pittsburgh City Paper, July 2017  (https://www.pghcitypaper.com/pittsburgh/nine-solo-and-collaborative-exhibitions-at-pittsburgh-center-for-the-arts-explore-memory-and-more/Content?oid=3398757)

“Perhaps the most powerful exhibit here exploring memories is Oblivion, Misty Morrison’s collection of nine large oils. Two are still-lifes, one of a kitchen with an upended chair and smashed crockery; in three, the same adult woman interacts with a version of herself (two paintings are actually 180-degree reversals of each other). The subdued palette, harsh up- and side-lighting and accompanying printout of text messages — like “I can’t believe the way I treat people I love” — document emotional trauma and disassociation from the self. Morrison’s command of facial expressions is masterful; the effect is quietly devastating.”


Reviewed in Gowri Sunder, “Pittsburgh Center for the Arts: Local artists’ exhibition raises questions on the role of curation in art”, The Tartan (Carnegie Mellon University), April  2017 (https://thetartan.org/2017/4/3/pillbox/artcolumn)  

“Walking through a narrow hallway to reach a series of large-scale paintings with haunting portraits and domestic scenes, the viewer is transported into the world Morrison creates. Her work has an undeniably cinematic quality, the lighting and compositions are almost like stills from a film noir movie. The portraits are intimate, but there is also sense of anxious anticipation. The figures are larger than life, and the language they use is familiar enough that the initial connection the viewer makes with the work is immediate and effortless. This gives space to explore the overall narrative, to connect with the characters and bring your own stories to the setup. … I am excited to see more of her work ....”


Work from “Oblivion” reproduced and cited as “democratically personalizing,” in Jeremy David Bendik-Keymer, “Democracy as Relationship”, e-Flux conversations, April 2017 (https://conversations.e-flux.com/t/democracy-as-relationship-by-jeremy-bendik-keymer/6519)